Ramblings about Romanian and other South – East European foods

This post has been written just after reading about Macedonian food and its vegetarian options on a blog. It was written with hunger and a boring sandwich next by. Plus the sound of  dropping rain on my attic big windows. Plus a bit of nostalgia for back home.

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Living on a boathouse in Amsterdam

Just one of the many boathouses…

Welcome and feel free to use everything inside’ says Mathys, showing a bit of his white teeth under his pale lips. ‘No worries, you can flick through the books on shelves, there’s a lot about boats and Amsterdam in there… and please take a seat anywhere you want’ he smiles, noticing our confused look. ‘Would you like a cup of coffee or a tea?’ asks our guide adding to our puzzlement about this guy’s surprising hospitality.

We’re on one of the many floating houses in Amsterdam. Open to visitors. A sort of museum. And still a home. But above all, a boat.  A houseboat.

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12 useful things you should know before visiting China

How much similarity is there between China towns across the world and a Chinese town in China? Is everything made in China cheap? Is Shanghai a second New York? With all these questions in mind and like a nosy soul I am, I booked my flight to visit a bit of this continent-size country and a good friend who was working there. While in China I discovered surprises are waiting round every corner and nothing is as you’d expect it to be. So, from how to order and eat food to how to travel round effectively and make cheap phone calls, here are 12 tips for the first time traveller to China!

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