Escape from London: Beachy Head and Seven Sisters

Only a few minutes ride from the seaside resort of Eastbourne, lie some of the most spectacular and undeveloped stretches of sea coast in the south-east of England. On a sunny day the rollercoaster of chalky white cliffs and golden-green pastures seem peaceful like a piece of heaven. However on a stormy day, the nature’s elements are all disturbed and the place recalls some gloomy atmosphere of the Wuthering Heights, although geographically unrelated.
The coast stretch between Eastbourne and Seaford is of a rare beauty, with high cliffs, generous beaches, blue sea, green bushes and few scattered farms.

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Escape from London: the Lammas Festival in Eastbourne

They say the Morris dance is one of the few remnants of English folklore. Some say the dance is boring and old-fashioned, many believe it is a dying tradition that the youth don’t care enough about, to carry it forward. However the Sussex town of Eastbourne, a seaside resort carries on beautiful incarnations of this dance through its Lammas summer festival, an old Continue reading

Eastbourne Grand Parade and the Pier on the background

Escape from London: Eastbourne – tall cliffs and festivals

Britain is well-known for its “two weeks British summer” so when you get a few hot or sunny days, you feel almost compelled to seek some of its seaside shores. So if you live in London you might just think that the south-eastern coast around Brighton and Eastbourne (less than 2 hours from London by car or by train) will do OK for the weekend. And with a bit of luck, the waters of the English Channel will be warm enough for bathing (to non-believers: yes, the sea does get warm enough for swimming during some hot periods in summer). Continue reading