How to rock Oktoberfest – the real deal

Which Oktoberfest (as there seem to be so many of them across the UK, USA, Canada, Europe)? Munich Oktoberfest of course – the real deal. You may have been to various alternatives of Munich Oktoberfest but if you haven’t been to the original celebration in the Bavarian capital yet – well, you must go as it is a completely different and exhilarating experience that has been running for over 200 years!

Let me say that compared to other Oktoberfest around the world, this one is at a completely different scale. It is not just that the fairgrounds, Theresienwiese (which locals simply call the Wiesen) are like a huge theme park for all ages, it is the entire city of Munich that is transformed for the carnival. The atmosphere is invigorating, people walk around in traditional dirndls and lederhosen and the joy is contagious!  Continue reading