Madurodam – the mini-land of the Dutch

Tilted houses of Amsterdam – these little houses are not entirely right and they imitate real ones… in many Dutch cities buildings sit on stilts because of the muddy soil and in time they became tilted

Madurodam makes you feel like Gulliver in Lilliput! The city is set in motion by little trams, cars, trains and ships and bridges are going up in down to let them pass!

Built in 1952, this amusement park is a display of the best landmarks of the Netherlands at a scale of 1:25. If you happen to be in the Continue reading


Living on a boathouse in Amsterdam

Just one of the many boathouses…

Welcome and feel free to use everything inside’ says Mathys, showing a bit of his white teeth under his pale lips. ‘No worries, you can flick through the books on shelves, there’s a lot about boats and Amsterdam in there… and please take a seat anywhere you want’ he smiles, noticing our confused look. ‘Would you like a cup of coffee or a tea?’ asks our guide adding to our puzzlement about this guy’s surprising hospitality.

We’re on one of the many floating houses in Amsterdam. Open to visitors. A sort of museum. And still a home. But above all, a boat.  A houseboat.

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