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A must-read survival guide to Marrakech Part 2 – How to be wise about money in Marrakech

Marrakech is one of those places where it is hard to say how much is too much, especially if you don’t live there. Merchandise is seldom missing price tags and a good’s value is established based on the potential buyer’s appearance of wealth…and being foreign (regardless of country of origin) is clearly a first sign of wealth – local wisdom has it that if you can afford the flight ticket, then you must afford to pay a bit extra for local goods and services.

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A must-read survival guide to Marrakesh Part 1 – Must know essential information

Marrakesh – an oasis of palm trees, spices and colours as well as a labyrinth of dusty streets and stalls! A visit to this sun-kissed buzzing city can become one of your most charming experiences or…one of the worst and it is not all down to the mighty luck, as local charmers may try to convince you.  Unsurprisingly a lot depends on how much thought and preparation you put into it and on going there with an open mind and heart.

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